joeJoe S. Padre.  (Elpidio actually but I had major health issues during early childhood and so the old folks found themselves obligated to invoke the anitos and gave me the “siroc ti latoc” nom de guerre “Jose”, hence, Joe, ostensibly to enable me to fight, confuse, or appease those powerful but sometimes naughty spirits).  iBangui, but I’ve since traveled beyond the Bangui-Burgos border to Anaheim which reminds me of the balmy to warm weather up there in Bangui.  I’m here to offer my few cents’ worth and to moderate a healthy exchange of ideas in this blog.

banguientrance1To all iBangui, or those of you far removed from Bangui, including all un-Banguish visitors:  WELCOME, EVERYONE! Take your seventh-inning s-t-r-e-t-c-h, crack your knuckles and join in the dialog.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. d ader roy Says:

    I must admit that I am envious that you seem to be constantly aware of the happenings in the old country. I have never heard of Banban barangay fiesta. And to top it, I thought that Roy Cimatu has disappeared from the scene.

  2. jspadre Says:

    Never heard? Neither did I till this one. I think they’ve got too much time in their hands. But for a community that needs entertainment once in a while, the fiesta is effective in counteracting the “all work and no play makes Angkuan a dull boy” syndrome.

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