Bangui National Hi (Poblacion) Honor Students Win Scholastic Champion Awards

Based on a written test covering math and science given to the valedictorian and salutatorian graduates of the three campuses of the Bangui National High School, those coming from the Poblacion Campus were adjudged the winners of the 2010 Scholastic Champion Awards.  Mariann Jane Gan and Philip Victor Garen Garvida, valedictorian and salutatorian respectively, from the Poblacion Campus bested their counterparts from the Banban Campus and the Lanao Campus in the written test given to them on Saturday, April 9, 2010, with Nenita P. Arucan and Noraini Arucan acting as proctors.

An award ceremony in conjunction with the 2010 Bangui National Hi Alumni Reunion Farewell Dance will be held on May 2, 2010.  Jane Soriano, widow of the late Felix P. Soriano (both alumni of Bangui Hi), will present the awards to the two lucky winners.  The awards consist of a Valedictorian medal and a Salutatorian medal, Academic Excellence medallions, plus cash awards donated by Jane Soriano.

Under consideration is a plan to raise funds, perhaps a Certificate of Deposit or Trust Fund to continue the Bangui National Hi Scholastic Champion Awards as an annual tradition.  The first donor to the fund is Dr. Edison Cabacungan (from Sinait, Ilocos Sur), former Chair and Professor Emeritus of the Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management/Agricultural Education Department of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


11 Responses to “Bangui National Hi (Poblacion) Honor Students Win Scholastic Champion Awards”

  1. Evelyn B. Garen Says:

    I am Evelyn Borja Garen, wife of the late Nestor Garen. I work at TESDA-Bangui Institute of Technology (formerly Bangui School of Fisheries). I was once a member of the teaching staff of the then Banban Barangay High School, 1974-1981, now the Banban Campus of the Bangui National High School.

    I am pleased that the first winners of the Bangui National High School scholastic awards are close to my heart. Philip Victor Garen Garvida is the grandson of the late Manong Filipino Garen of Poblacion, Bangui, and of course, my grandson too, while Marianne Jane Fernandez Gan is the daughter of one of the employees in TESDA-Bangui Institute of Technology. I think her grandmother, who hails from Abaca, is a kin of the Sorianos in Banban.

    On behalf of the winners, thank you very much for the scholastic awards which reward academic excellence. More power to the sponsors of the scholastic awards for the 4th year graduates of BNHS.

  2. Ofelia Domingo Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS T0 ALL THE AWARDEES! Mga bagong pag-asa ng Bangui.

    Thanks for the very inspiring news for the youth, and a pride of our alma mater. Are you going to the reunion?


  3. ESP Says:

    Dear OMD,

    I’m afraid that my wish to join the alumni reunion and witness the first awarding of the 2010 Bangui National High Scholastic Champs will remain that–a wish!

    Notwithstanding, I wish all who’d be there to enjoy and soak up the beautiful memories of the event. And just to assure everyone, as in this year I’ve already prepared the set of math and science tests for the forthcoming 2011 Bangui National High Scholastic competition among the next graduating honor students of the three campuses. Next year, the award ceremonies will be held in conjunction with the graduation ceremonies of the winning high school campus.

  4. ESP Says:

    Dear Evelyn,

    I am truly pleased for your email.

    Small world! I once boarded with Nestor and his brother, Edison, at Manong Filipino’s place (the late Tomas/Emilia Bitanga’s place) the entire 4 years that I attended the former Bangui Provincial High School. Manong Filing married Elvira during my senior year.

    It might interest you to know that I have another blog, Multiple Education–Philippines ( I am in the process of broadening the coverage of the blog by incorporating FREE learning materials/resources for kindergarten to high school (CK-12), higher education (MERLOT-CHED) and TESDA students and teachers. Check the page tabs at the top of the homepage. I am currently populating the TESDA page with video related to skills development and other resources. I shall be very grateful if you inform your students and co-teachers of this learning resource.

  5. Antonio Padre Says:

    Our salute to the Banguenians who share their hard-earned money for a worthy cause. Hope that politicians with too much to say take a cue from these battle-weary warriors and also share their cdf’s or allowances to such worthy causes. It’s about time they change their focus to more worthy causes (for Banguenians – that is).

    I am now coordinating with our project management office re: It’s been created about 4 years ago but the PMO has not yet informed the LGU about it. The page could be used for all Banguenians out there for information about our town (including worthy activities and products that could be shared with everybody). Before, the PMO is the initial administrator, but I heard that it has stopped its webhosting. I hope that people, like Dennis Sallutal, shall share their time and efforts to get the page serve what it was created for. I had an initial talk with Mayor Vacie and she also has shown interest in the matter. Dr. Rolly A. Padre has also shown interest in the website. His digital library can be made on-line through this page for all Bangui Elementary students to access for reference purposes.

    Our office is planning to designate me as the Administrator of our office website, I hope I shall be able to share an information or two with that of our LGU website. I have already helped other LGU websites go on-line, I do hope to help our very own go on-line, too.

    I had just attended the Northern Luzon Broadband Workshop last week. We tackle IT development in the region for 2011 to 2016. Hope we can prepare the medium term IT blueprint for northern Luzon for the next administration to use as
    reference. The Phil Meduim-term IT development plan 2005-2010 that we developed was adopted by the present administration in its Northern Luzon IT development Program. Hope to give you more updates on IT development in the country from here on.

  6. ESP Says:

    I do not subscribe to the idea that worthy causes such as this one should grow from the socialist view to “let’s spread the good stuff”. Socialism uses taxation as a means to redistribute the wealth–and I firmly believe this effort is never really into that. We just happen to like the idea and if some other folks are willing to join us, swell.

    I believe that at one time in the last couple of years, I stumbled upon when I was looking for something about the President only to be overwhelmed wondering why it was empty.

    And why do we have to hope for Dennis Sallutal specifically to have the page come alive? He seems to have given up his old site,, which is now being used as a commercial parking place. I’m sure Mayor Vacie should have a say in who should administer, as well as, what should be published in, the website.

    As I was telling Evelyn Garen above, there are alternative FREE learning resources (textbooks, tutorials, etc.) under the CK-12, MERLOT and TESDA page tabs at my other blog, They’re self-paced and available FREE 24/7. As Administrator of, you might want to use it to inform your users/customers about these FREE learning resources. In fact you might find something useful for our Little Angel.

  7. Ofelia Domingo Says:

    My congratulations go to you as well.

    Once in a while I tell my grandchildren that the school I came from, Bangui Provincial High School, had produced a lot of prominent people like the Cimatus, Baloaloa, teachers, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, nurses, some good politicians and others who are living abroad. It’s great that you can contribute in molding the youth of Bangui.

    Actually, my eldest grandaughter will graduate next school year from high school. She studies in one of the private schools for girls here in Manila. She has not decided yet what field she is going to take. She is feeling some peer pressure because her two aunts including her mother all of whom went to the same school did well when they were there.

  8. ESP Says:

    Dear OMD,

    Along with you I do salute those wonderful alumni from the old Bangui Provincial High School who became prominent. Much as I wanted to do well after school just like the others, I wound up being a monumental disappointment instead. Maybe that’s my motivation for helping our young do much, much better, especially with all the many tools and resources available to them. Like the FREE learning resources (CK-12 for kinder to high school, MERLOT for higher education, and TESDA for vocational education) that I have linked to my blog, Multilingual Education–Philippines. I suppose your granddaughter could avail some of these resources to lessen the peer pressure you say she might be experiencing.

  9. Jamie Arzaga Says:

    ka-inggit naman! me ganun na ngayon!? hahaha nice one!

  10. Antonio Says:

    re: it is still empty because the PMO failed to coordinate and inform the LGU that a website was created for it. And since the PMO created a standard website for all LGUs in the country, the page contains a standard (though not so nice) page/info. hope that the PMO shall release the password to Bangui LGU so that it shall be updated with what bangui can share to the www.
    and that a permanent administrator shall be deisgnated.

  11. ej Says:

    okey waldy, help them and try to push them

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