A night with Jasper Garvida and Miele

Somewhere out there in London, England, someone whose roots (his dad, Modesto, is iBangui) is making things happen in a big way:  Here’s the account from FOREVER BETTER:

Image courtesy of Stylist Stuff

On the 29th of March we’re going to be spending the evening with fashion designer Jasper Garvida.

Jasper will be talking about his latest collection and discussing garment care. We’ve already got a full guest list and the night promises to be one of quiet glamour among the sparkling surroundings of the Miele Gallery in London.

We’ll make sure we capture as much as we can and relay it all back to you through our Flickr account and here on Forever Better. We’ve got, among quite a few others, ThatGirl39 from Forty Not Out, Kavita from I Heart Vintagex and Reena from Fashion Daydreams attending, which means style is going to be in abundance – and we can’t wait.

There’s also sure to be conversation on the Miele Fashion Prize 2010, the chance for an aspiring designer to see their design made real by Jasper and shown in an exclusive event later in the year. Full details are here.

Although the guest list for the meet and greet with Jasper is full, Forever Better will be doing more events like this throughout 2010. If you’d like to be involved just send us an email telling us why and we’ll get straight back to you. Right, we’re off to start picking out our outfits.


One Response to “A night with Jasper Garvida and Miele”

  1. Joe Padre Says:

    March 30, 2010:
    11:42am Joe: Just happen to come from the same place as your Dad. Suffice it to say I’m totally in awe of what you’re doing which makes us mighty proud…

    11:42am Jasper: many thanks, joe.

    11:43am Joe: I got your video featured in my blog, ibangui.wordpress.com.

    11:43am Jasper: oh cool. many thanks for that.

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