Açaí: Super berry and the hype

acaiAçaí (Euterpe oleracea), the wonder palm tree that thrives along the Amazon river in South America and bears these wonderful fruits that look like berries which are made into different food, drink, dietary supplement and medicinal products, is undergoing a phenomenal intro into the international consciousness.  As usual, in their the desire to make fast money out of these super berries, the network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) people handling the promotion of açaí products tend to hype their myriad food and medicinal uses with as much credibility as the boy who cried “Wolf!”  So much so that when one Googles “açaí”, more than half the search results which look promising at first blush are actually redirects to a website selling acai dietary pills.

Just to show you how pervasive the network marketing of açaí has been, just search for “açaí” in YouTube and you will find out that all the major television networks have given varying coverages of Açaí, especially the bottled MonaVie açaí drink that commands a price of more than $40 per 32 ounces of a mixture containing an estimated 20% of pure açaí juice.

But to be fair, açaí has many uses.  Some other fruits may have similar uses.  But it just happens that the attention is narrowly focused on açaí at the monent, just like a fad.  But unlike a fad, the many wonderful uses and perhaps, heretofore undiscovered uses of açaí may burn in the public’s consciousness for much longer still.  To me, the wait for the fresh açaí berries from the backyard will be for some time. The 6 two-year old seedlings I ordered today on the Internet will, um, be years away from fruiting…


4 Responses to “Açaí: Super berry and the hype

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  2. Acai Berry Weight Loss Says:

    Great post. I think that acai berry supplements will be around for some time. While savvy marketers and even some scam artists are exploiting the publicity acai berry has been receiving, I think that it’s benefits will lead to it staying in the market place for some time.

  3. brandy Says:

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  4. fredrick wilson Says:

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