BIT: English Pronunciation Power Course–100 Hours

Tucked somewhere in the TESDA complete list of registered programs authorized for the Bangui Institute of Technology is the 100-hour classroomEnglish Pronunciation Power Course.

Having resided in these United States for more than 37 years of my adult life, I’ll be the first one to attest to you that 100 hours is utterly inadequate to reach a passable level of pronunciation of the English language, especially if the ones teaching you are not native English speakers, no offense to our Filipino teachers who are trying their best to teach English pronunciation.  Believe me I know because I occasionally listen to those English language broadcasts on Philippine TV that are available on DirecTV satellite programming.

You see, I didn’t bother to attend one of those free neighborhood community school courses to “remove” my ethnic accent.  Nevertheless, I think I was able to reach a point that I actually can communicate verbally with most Americans who speak the English language AND had at least some elementary education.  It’s the unschooled ones or first grade dropouts who persist in their own slangs whom I have a difficulty communicating with.  With this latter group, I’m proud to say that our elementary school students of English in the Philippines could speak English with relatively better grammatical construction.

Now, I have a practical proposition for ALL Bangui teachers and students of English pronunciation–whether from the Bangui Institute of Technology or all the elementary and public and private high schools.  AND IT’S FOR FREE!

All you folks need to have is a PC system with a compact disk (CD) drive or a DVD drive–and it does NOT need to be connected to the Internet.  I’ll provide you with the audio files with matching text files–you could listen to a native English speaker and read the corresponding text at the same time.  What’s more, you could learn BOTH pronunciations with the North American accent AND the London accent, using entirely separate audio files and matching text files.  Learning both accents could be extremely useful, especially if the student intends to pursue an English major (perhaps to become an English teacher) or work eventually as a customer representative in one of those outsourcing companies, or if the student plans to immigrate to either Canada, the U.S. or Great Britain.

THE OFFER IS FREE.  And it’s entirely self-paced.  If you need clarification for the pronunciation of a specific word and want to return to that specific word, you could easily do so using the PC navigation tools.  You don’t have a physically present teacher looking over your shoulder or correcting/scolding/insulting you for a mispronounced word, etc.  You can learn at your own time.  You can begin or stop at any point any time you feel like doing so.  What’s more, you don’t have to attend a regularly scheduled class.  You could be studying these English pronunciation exercises within the comfort of your home, assuming you have a PC or can loan one to bring home.

With an adequate level of immersion in learning English pronunciation through this proposed method, I can almost guarantee that in no time will the interested student be speaking like a Londoner [in perfectly normal sentences laced with the omnipresent “you bloody c…” expression] or a North American.  HONEST.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources for Australian English pronunciation, mate (pronounced like “might”).

I’m inviting all the teachers in Bangui (elementary, high school and Bangui Institute of Technology) who teach English to take advantage of this offer to assist them in teaching English even more effectively.  Of course, students are welcome to the offer as well.  All you need to do is leave your name and contact means (preferably your email address) in the COMMENT section of this blog entry and I’ll get back to you.  If you don’t yet have an email address, the old snail mail will do.


2 Responses to “BIT: English Pronunciation Power Course–100 Hours

  1. jspadre Says:

    The organizers for the Bangui High School Reunion in May 2010 would probably save a lot of time and grief in their plan to offer some coaching in English pronunciation for the folks in Bangui during the brief time they plan to be there by adopting the method I’ve proposed here. For them, the resources needed are FREE as well.

  2. consuelo Says:

    Hi. I was looking for free american english language accent training of tesda when I came across your blog post. You said you can offer the audio files for free. I am looking to eventually migrate to the U.S. and I know that I should try to get the accent as early as now so as to be able to communicate more effectively when I get there. I remember when my mom migrated decades ago, it took her a while before she can be hired for a job because while she had excellent grammar, the people who interviewed her can hardly understand what she was saying because of her Filipino accent. I intend to teach when I get there so I know I have to work on the accent as early as now.

    Thank you if you can share the audio files for free. That will be a great help.

    While I am myself not from Bangui, I know Bangui because my husband, who passed away in 2006, hailed from the town of Lanao, Bangui.

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