Bangui Institute of Technology

chalkboardFormerly known as the Bangui School of Fisheries, the school, located in Manayon, Bangui, had since been renamed the Bangui Institute of Technology (BIT) by virtue of Republic Act 9469 signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on May 21, 2007.  Eduardo E. Malabag is the Institute’s vocational school administrator.

The Bangui Institute of Technology is one of Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) institutions all over the Philippines.  BIT’s offerings initially include education and skills development in agriculture and fisheries, automotive and land transport, tourism and food processing.

Already connected to the information superhighway, BIT’s faculty members and students have all day Internet access to broaden their studies, research and job opportunity searches.

BIT also serves as assessment center for those who qualify and require institutional and national assessment. Those who successfully pass the institutional assessment are recommended for national assessment.  Those who pass the national assessment are entered in the Registry of Certified Workers.  An individual who’s assessed and certified is given a National Certificate, an important  credential in the individual’s search for a job locally or abroad.  Those who fail undergo some immersion courses at the BIT campus.

The Bangui Institute of Technology offers a gamut of courses that includes agriculture, automotive servicing, baking/pastry production, bartending (as if the townspeople have a pressing need for it!), beauty care (yup, we need that!), caregiving (we’re so good at caregiving for all the peoples of the world), computer programming and hardware servicing, food and beverage services, dressmaking, fisheries, healthcare services, practical nursing, all the way up to tour guide and travel services. Click here for a complete list of BIT’s authorized course offerings and individual course lengths.

TESDA also offers a variety of student financial assistance through the Private Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA).  For particulars regarding what types of student fund assistance TESDA-PESFA provides, who qualifies for financial assitance, how to apply for the financial/scholarship grants,  what are the obligations and reporting requirements of the grantees, and  what are the grounds for disqualification of a grantee, please visit the TESDA website

The practical benefits the Institute (sometimes referred to as BITBANGUI) offers to residents of Bangui and beyond are enormous.  Now, one does not have a really good excuse to be an unproductive member of society.  You need a skill to be able to do something for your life–like find a job or start a business?  No problem.  The Bangui Institute of Technology is there to provide the training and/or skills.  We, iBangui, are lucky for BIT–there are a lot of communities all over the Philippines that don’t have one like it.

We would love a follow-up of this article with some testimonials from those who studied/graduated from the Bangui Institute of Technology (or the former Bangui School of Fisheries) who have succeeded in establishing their own businesses or those who have found jobs locally or abroad, either on their own or with the Overseas Filipino Workers program.  If you’re one of them or know some other alumni, you may please keep us posted by leaving a comment here or sending your info (a photo would be nice, but optional) to  In fact, we’ll start the list right now:


Cimatu, Clifford (automotive 2004)–currently a member of the Operational Staff at Ford Motor Company Philippines.

Padre. Ruel (automotive)–currently working as a mechanic in Doha, Qatar.


2 Responses to “Bangui Institute of Technology

  1. Leny Taguicana Says:

    “immasenson ti ili tayo a Bangui”.

  2. Pamele Says:

    hope you could update this blog from time to time….

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