The Windmills of Bangui


Sooner or later, we have to talk about the Windmills of Bangui, the one icon for which the town of Bangui is famous for.  Much of the information about the windmills may be found at and at YouTube and

Phase I construction of the 15 windmills (rated at 25 MW) started on May 17, 2004 and they started to operate and joined the power grid under the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) on May 8, 2005.  The NorthWind Bangui Bay project was formally inaugurated on June 18, 2005, with then Ilocos Norte Governor Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. and his mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos in attendance.  Gov. Marcos played a large part in orchestrating the construction of the windmills in Bangui–within his province.  Phase II was to have constructed an additional 5 turbines (rated at 8 MW) costing $13 million in 2008.  Phase III, when completed, will have brought the total construction cost for the Bangui Bay Project up to $75 million.  If you have stories about or pictures of the Bangui Windmills, please send them to so we may use some here.

windmills2According to the NorthWind Power Development Corporation which oversees the windmills, “the production of clean energy in the town of Bangui is an example for the world to see. For visitors and the local community—not to mention the international community—the sight of the wind turbines serves to raise awareness on the need for environmentally sound practices. We need green technology, and the Bangui Bay Project shows that ‘going green’ can be a reality. This is green technology at its best.”

This green technology generates renewable energy coming from the wind–both abundant and inexhaustible–which, unlike fossil fuels, does not require burning and therefore it does not release harmful gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere and create so much problems with the ozone.  The whole process does not exacerbate the growing dilemma of global warming.  About the only complaint from the local fishermen is that those giant turbines generate so much noise that they claim somehow scare the fish away.


We bet you could identify the VIP in dark shades (photo at left) on her official visit to the Bangui Windmills.  She’s disarmingly petite but who knows how well she can use/abuse her awesome powers…

Do you know what foreign government and company are instrumental in bringing about the Bangui Windmills Project?


2 Responses to “The Windmills of Bangui

  1. jspadre Says:

    According to NorthWind Power, the primary funding for the Bangui Bay wind project was through the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) which provided a concessional loan from ABN-AMRO and Nordea Bank of Copenhagen, Denmark, amounting to US$ 29.35 million. On Dec. 14, 2001, the Philippines Department of Energy endorsed the project to the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finance the project with DANIDA.

  2. Felipe Reyes Says:

    Hi, I didn’t know how to take part in your blog about Bangui so I’ll just communicate via email. My wife and I had just come from Ilocos Norte, the home province of my late father. He hails from Pinili, Ilocos Norte. We attended the wake of the nephew of my wife in Bangar, La Union. While preparing for the trip to La Union, I thought that this was an opportune time to also visit my cousin in Pinili and at the same time visit the tourist/historical spots of Ilocos such as Paoay, Sarrat, Batac, and of course, the lighthouse in Burgos, the wind farm of Bangui, and the beautiful beaches of Pagudpud. It was a good thing that my boss approved my vacation leave.

    I must say that this visit is the most memorable for me. The Bangui windfarm is just awesome! I couldn’t believe my eyes that what I was just seeing on television was now right in front of me. The Bangui windfarm deserves to be featured in the Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel. It is not just a plain tourist spot. It is a megastructure so to speak. Its planning and construction could have been documented in video just like what we see in some series of NGC and Discovery Channel. I wish that it will be featured in NGC or Discovery Channel in the future.

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