iBangui Roots Or Not, Jasper Garvida’s A Winner

jasper-garvidaThe info we found in the Internet on Jasper Garvida’s roots, in spite of the comprehensive coverage regarding his accomplishments, is downright sketchy.  ABS-CBN Global says:  “Garvida one of seven siblings, born to Ilocano parents grew up in a house in Project 4, Quezon City, and when he was 12, migrated to Canada. His father is a lawyer and mother an accountant.”

Alexa Vilano did a profile on Garvida in the Philippine Star in which Jasper disclosed:  “I grew up in a creative environment. I was exposed to fashion through my sister who studied fashion and art. I was always fascinated by art — visiting galleries and museums. I learned how to draw when I was five and since then, I was really interested with texture, color and shapes. I decided to pursue fashion when I was 19. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor when I was a kid but did not excel in Science or Math. I knew I have a huge interest in fashion but I was not entirely sure whether I could make a career out of it. Until I realized that it was something I could not live without. So I enrolled myself in a fashion school where I learned my craft.”

Garvida (jaspergarvida.com) worked his way up from studying pattern cutting, tailoring and construction at the International Academy of Design in Toronto.

Hayley Cox of The Dish writes:  “It seems Jasper Garvida, has hit the big time… Having taken the title of  winner in last season’s Project Catwalk, he has gone from strength to strength.  Throughout his younger years Garvida  studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in Central London. He spent two seasons working  as chief designer on the collections of Couture Label Michiko Koshino and his designs have also graced high street stores such as Evans, Miss Selfridge, Wallis and Monsoon.  Celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Sophie Dahl and Sophie Ellis-Bextor are all fans of Jasper’s work.  It seems there are many highs left to come for Garvida, as he has now been enlisted to show his work at London Fashion Week within the shows On/Off exhibition. Although he will not be a complete novice to this, Jasper should be very proud to have made it so far on his own merit. From starting his own label in September last year  it seems to be a non stop climb for this up and coming star.”

Pastime.blogspot.com added:  “After a nail-biting ten weeks, we can proudly reveal that Jasper Garvida is Project Catwalk’s winning designer. The announcement was made in the season’s finale of Project Catwalk, which was broadcasted last night, 19th March, Sky One 9pm….. Jasper Garvida has won every fashion designer’s dream–an exclusive deal with online style boutique Oli — leader in new media fashion, a £25,000 cash prize to the winner courtesy of Oli, as well as a spread in the world renowned iconic fashion magazine covering top designers and trends, Grazia.”

After winning the top prize in March 2008, Jasper was dubbed by Grazia DailyThe New King of the Catwalk“.  His debut collection from the reality television show (which, sadly, has been recently canceled by Sky), is being featured by Oli, an online fashion magazine.

From the extensive mileage one gets Googling “Jasper Garvida” (something like 34 screen pages as of Jan. 13, 2009), it easily becomes crystal clear that this unique person is a true phenom.  And we’re genuinely proud to know he’s Filipino.  With Ilocano parents!  Jasper’s feat and exploits in haute couture are way beyond what only a few in the whole wide world could lay claim to.

Perhaps you couldn’t fault us if we’re a bit curious as to whether or not Jasper or his dad is a scion of the Garvidas in Bangui.  Needless to say, we’re in awe of what he has done so far for fashion and wish him well for all his ambitious plans for the future.  More power to his overweening drive to achieve!

Anyone who has crossed paths with this now famous person or who can enlighten us on Jasper Garvida’s roots, please leave your comments.


4 Responses to “iBangui Roots Or Not, Jasper Garvida’s A Winner

  1. Roy Padre Says:

    The mystery of Jasper is solved. Have you heard of a man named Modesto Garvida from Bangui? I remember hearing the name, Moding. A lawyer, he is the father of Jasper. Moding’s wife is from Laoag. Those seen embracing and congratulating Jasper after he was announced the winner toward the end of the above video are his grandparents.

  2. jspadre Says:

    Come to think of it, I’ve seen his grandfather (you sure those are not Jasper’s mom and dad in the above video?) before, way back when I was attending the then Bangui Provincial High School.

    Whatever, any way you look at it, Jasper is a uniquely remarkable and driven-to-achieve chap. I’m mighty proud of his accomplishments in high fashion which are recognized world-wide and I look forward for more. There’s no doubt he’ll be in the history books which, he proclaimed after conquering Project Catwalk, he aspires to. Fact is, he’s already there. Any additional feat is just icing on his cake.

  3. Jen Garvida Says:

    First off, I want to thank you for this article. I am commenting to finally help resolve the roots of Jasper, my brother.

    Roy Padre mentioned that the ones embracing and congratulating Jasper after he was announced the winner toward the end of the above video are his grandparents. That is an incorrect statement. Those are in fact our parents.

    Roy is correct though in stating that Jasper’s dad is Modesto Aguillana Garvida (from Bangui). Our mom Liza, hails from Solsona and Laoag from the Laureta and Marcos clan.

    Prior to my family migrating to Canada, we were raised in Project 4, QC and had opportunities to visit our parents hometown and had visited relatives in Bangui, Pagudpud, Solsona and Laoag. From our childhood memories, we remember our heritage and of course our longing to someday visit Ilocos Norte soon.

    Once again, thank you for your support.

  4. Lucy Padre Garvida Domingo Says:

    First of all, I would like to say “WOW” Jasper’s story is amazing. Congratulations . I know the Garvida’s are originally from Bangui. I had so many questions, I decided to “Google” it and I came across this site and it’s wonderful! I know what I’m about to say next has nothing to do with fashion or this page but I hope someday we can have a “GARVIDA” reunion. We are so many! I also remember my grandmother (Genoveva Garvida aka Bebeng) telling me “if you meet a Garvida…you are related to them” I believe the reason why is because “Garvida” is an original name. Formerly known as “Pablo”. I could be wrong but that’s what i recall as a child.

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