And The Top Ten Entrepreneurs of the Year Are…

entrepreneurWe have proposed honoring the top entrepreneurs of the year for Bangui.  It would be nice to award the trophies to the winners at the conclusion of the town fiesta in April each year.  The purpose, of course, is to stimulate business or economic activity within the town, fully aware that entrepreneurs need the right people, the right resources and the right information to bring their business ideas to life.  They need the right people or even existing companies to join their startups as partners, co-founders or other team members. They have to tap into a network of other entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn from them and to avoid the costly mistakes others have made. The biggest beneficiary of all this, of course, is the town and its people.  And that’s why we would like to honor those who, after 5 years or so of successfully growing their business, belong to the elite Ten Entrepreneurs of the Year.

The following is an article, entitled “Entrepreneur of the Year — Trophy Awaits You,” from Mind Body n Soul and it just happens to fit the picture we have in mind:

‘Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it”, is a very witty remark by William Pen Patrick.  Candidly speaking there is certainly no reason to condemn wealth.  Wealth creation is an inevitable necessity and quite worthy of that.  Or else how do we propose to mitigate poverty, build infrastructure or develop technology?  But mind you it is by no means a dilettante’s job.  It is like art, better your imagination more attractive the picture.  “Innovation”, the cornerstone of burgeoning business is nothing but a flight of imagination.  In this fast paced world, one who has vision for the SEEN and the UNSEEN is the one who emerges victorious.

Going up on the podium to receive “Entrepreneur of the Year” award is a dream most youths see while entering trade and industry.  It is a very inspiring dream to begin with.  The unconscious dreams that we spin while asleep may have Freudian interpretation but the conscious dreams like this one need conscious energy and effort to come true.  Detailing the colour of your suit or working your thank you speech for the award ceremony is a very gainful visualization.  Do not consider it like building castles in the air.  This is the gas station where the MIND fuels the body for the journey ahead.

But before your name is announced for the award, there will be challenges, fears and uncertainty to cow you down.  Self-doubt is the biggest and the worst challenge with most of us.  Why should you doubt your own capability?  This is the most pitiable and self-justifying excuse you give to run from the task.  “I may not be able to do it” implies “I do not want to do it” because there is absolutely nothing that you are incapable of doing at the command of your mind.

There is no way to lose in the game, because once your mind is fearless and determined you will either reach your destination or go higher.  Don’t we know how.  Columbus set out to reach but discovered?  In an investor’s jargon it simply means, “A fundamentally strong mind will not sell your dreams short”.

There is another fact to understand.  Do not expect absence of challenges because that is not part of the plan.  Since we have the most sophisticated machinery with unlimited capacity (i.e., MIND), challenges should not be much of a problem to handle.  Moreover, a timorous man shying from his fears and skeptic about his ability would not make an impressive “Entrepreneur of the Year”.  This is part of the game that while you are on the way to realize your dreams, the on-road hurdles make you strong and savvy to deliver a cogent and influential speech on the dais when receiving the award.


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