Bangui High School 2010 Reunion

From the Banguinians headed by Roy S. Padre comes this announcement/invitation for all Bangui High School Alumni from the Main Campus, Banban and Lanao:


For particulars, please contact the people listed below no later than March 31, 2009:

  • Lita Rapisura
  • Pinky G. Padre
  • Daisy E. Padre
  • Dolly S. Molina
  • Mila P. Valdez
  • Cita P. Valdez

You may send a note to:

Bangui High School Alumni, Reunion Steering Committee, 17871 Shady View Drive # 604, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Here’s the tentative itinerary:

Bangui High School Grand Reunion

Tour of Ilocandia (Phase I)

Transportation:  Bus

A . April 26 depart from Manila to Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya / Quirino

sightseeing in Nueva Viscaya / Quirino,

stay overnight in Nueva Viscaya / Quirino

B. April 27 depart from N V/ Q to Santiago , Isabela

sightseeing in Isabela

stay overnight in Isabela

C. April 28 – depart from Isabela to Tuguegarao, Cagayan

– sightseeing in Cagayan

– stay overnight in Cagayan

D. April 29 – depart from Cagayan to Bangui

– group will disperse upon arrival at Bangui

– go see if the old bito is stll there, the old lomboy tree, the old

sarguelas tree, the old bubon

hugs & kisses to those lovable barangay folks

E. April 30 Attendees to assemble

– Location – Bangui High School (Main Campus)

– Time – 2:00 PM

– Registration of attendees

– Briefing & Orientation

– Ecumenical Worship Service – Catholic, Phil. Independent, Protestant

– Group Dinner –

– to be held at campus with catered food

– disperse after dinner

F. May 1 Grand Reunion commences

– Medical / Dental clinic for the community

– Workshops (computer literacy, English language pronunciation and diction, self-esteem)

– Cultural Program

G. May 2 – Grand Reunion Closing

– Tour of High School Satellite Campuses

Lanao, Manayon, Banban

Farewell Ball and Banquet at the Ilocandia Resort

H May 3 – Rest

– Everyone is invited to attend Lanao Elem. School Reunion

I May 4 continue R & R

– Lanao Elem. School Reunion

J May 5 – Ilocandia Tour ( Phase 2)

Transportation:  Bus

depart Bangui to Agoo, La Union

stop at Marcos mausoleum

stop in Vigan, etc

stay overnight in Agoo, La Union

K May 6 – sightseeing in La Union

– move on to Baguio

– stay overnight in Baguio

– sightseeing in Baguio

– move on to Dagupan, Pangasinan

– stay overnight at Dagupan, Pangasinan

L May 7 – sightseeing in Pangasinan

– return to Manila

Note: The plan is contingent on the number of interest, so please let us know of your intentions as early as possible.  The dates are contingent on travel hours.  We shall inform you of the Tour Package cost upon completion of our negotiations with a professional tour packager.


7 Responses to “Bangui High School 2010 Reunion

  1. jspadre Says:

    I think wearing color coded ribbons, instead of color coded shirts and dresses, would be more practical and less imposing on the participants. If I were to join, I sure won’t like looking like Kermit the Frog! Imagine how repulsive it would be to unleash one’s tongue ala Kermit to snare some attention…

  2. kire Says:

    agree ako dyan

  3. Jerry Bitanga (1986) Says:

    Calling on all BHS Alumni to join the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2010. Planning is going on smoothly both here in the PI and abroad with the leaders of the Alumni Association. Make the spirit high! Roar in the web! Advocate the Homecoming! Now is the time to look back at the institution that nortured us when we were carefree and young!

    Calling on all Batch 1986 members to attend the first meeting of our batch on March 31, 2010 at 2:00 PM at the BNHS-MC. I will be waiting there for you. Narigaten kakabsat no datayo ti awan maiparticiparna.
    1) Chikahan muna
    2) Batch Registration Fee
    3) T-shirts and caps
    4) Participation in ther cocktail party
    5) Other matters

    Thank you very much!

  4. ofelia m. domingo Says:

    I have yet to see one of my batchmates get interested in joining the grand reunion. I am very sure they are just there in Bangui. But I think most are already living abroad. I just want to be sure may kasama din ako sa batch namin. Attend tayo!

  5. Jerry Bitanga (1986) Says:

    Batch 1986’s meeting is reset to March 27, 2010, 2:00 PM, not March 31, 2010 anymore, in Ernaile Garvida’s Home at the Poblacion. I reiterate our call for Batch 1986 members to attend the meeting. This might be the only meeting we have con sidering that everybody is busy.

    Thank you very much!


  6. Jerry Bitanga (1986) Says:

    Batch ’86 is posting its tarpauline in front of the school to show support. Calling on all alumni to spread the news.

    Thank you!

  7. Jerry Bitanga (1986) Says:

    Next and last meeting our batch will be on April 25, 2010. 9:00 AM at the BNHS-MC, II-Mapayapa Room. Important matters regarding the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2010 will be discussed. Calling on Batch 1986 alumni to communicate with me via email or Facebook.

    I earnestly request for your immediate cooperation. TYVM.


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