Ambassador Cimatu heads guests at Banban Barangay Fiesta

pic31Ambassador Roy Cimatu, retired Armed Forces Chief, headed the guest list at the Banban Barangay Fiesta which concluded  December 28, 2008.  Cimatu, the barangay fiesta guest speaker, is Bangui’s first son to be appointed armed forces chief and currently the Philippines’ Special Envoy to the Middle East.


Jusnani Arucan, youngest daughter of Nenita P. Arucan and the late Boy Arucan, was crowned queen of the festivities by Ambassador Cimatu and former fiesta queen (picture at right).

More pictures of the reigning queen:dsc04174dsc04166dsc04191dsc04193dsc04199pic2pic1pic4


2 Responses to “Ambassador Cimatu heads guests at Banban Barangay Fiesta

  1. roy Says:

    who is that man with snow hair? at least that’s a color for December. I know the ladies are relatives but I am not sure of which tree to link them. bit of protocol suggestion for future events: when walking with an escort, the man should always be to the right of the woman, even at formal dinner banquets, the man always sits to right of the woman. (in a banquet with gays, then that would be a bit confusing as to who sits where) I like the stage background, not too busy to have blurred those at the stage, theme is appropriate for the time. good that they started this, something for the community to participate in and hope that it helps generate more civic awareness and motivates everyone to get involved. my suggestion to the officers is to go back to the community and thank them for their support, tell them to take ownership of the success and be proud.

  2. jspadre Says:

    Like you, Coz, I had trouble identifying the guy with the snow hair. But upon looking closer at the dark streak over the snowy white hair, I realized that’s Manong Fonso. He underwent some surgery after the last time I saw him in March last year and he looks he’s undergone some change.

    Protocol, Coz? I don’t know much of it but I guess they’re bucking the old tradition in favor of EOE (equal opportunity enjoyment).

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